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Why Home Buyers Are Looking at Home Organization

You’ve decided to put your home up for sale. (Good luck from everyone at Closets Plus, by the way). That means you’ll be working hard to get all the main areas in tip-top shape: Kitchen. Bathrooms. Bedrooms. Backyard. But have you ever considered making your walk-in closet or other storage solutions a focal point of

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Why It Pays to Be Organized

Having a neatly organized walk-in closet delivers more than just a nice place to store your clothes. And having a well-organized home office brings more than just a tidy place to work. Living in an organized space (and living in an organized manner) delivers additional benefits beyond simply being clutter-free. And they are… You’ll be

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Master Bedroom Organization Tips

Your day starts in the master bedroom. And it usually ends there too. So starting and/or ending your day in disorganized chaos is never a pleasant feeling. At Closets Plus, many of our customers tell us that the master bedroom is the one room in the house that never gets the organizational attention it deserves.

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It's Time to Organize

If you're living in a sea of stuff and piles of clutter - it's time to get organized. Closets Plus can create beautiful and functional solutions to organize your home.

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