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Back-to-School Home Organization Tips

The start of another school year is just around the corner here at Closets Plus, which means: Establishing before and after school routines Picking up back-to-school clothes Stocking up on school supplies like pencils, paper, etc. Making sure the pantry is full of school safe snacks and lunch items And while parents and kids alike

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Hosting the Holiday Party This Year? Six Ways to Make the Most of Your Space

This year, you’re hosting the big holiday bash. Now, you can’t make your home bigger, but you can create more space for your guests to move about, be comfortable and enjoy themselves. All it takes is a willingness to temporarily store some items in out-of-the-way places (like your master bedroom walk-in closet) and some imagination

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Home Office Storage Solutions

The home office is where important decisions get made. It needs to be organized so that you can feel free to focus on your work. A home office storage solution from Closets Plus takes your piles of paper off the floor and stores them neatly into cabinets, shelves or cupboards. Large desktop surfaces comfortably holds

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It's Time to Organize

If you're living in a sea of stuff and piles of clutter - it's time to get organized. Closets Plus can create beautiful and functional solutions to organize your home.

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